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Logan Strong Foundation To raise childhood cancer awareness and provide items of comfort and support for children and families while they are fighting cancer in and out of the hospital.

Logan Strong Foundation

MY CAUSES (click on logos)

I continously donate to many CAUSES. Here are a few. 

Happy Cat Rescue specializes in the rescue and placement of abused, unwanted and abandoned companion animals. We never discriminate on the basis of health, age or breed. By involving and educating the community, Happy Cat Rescue works to raise the public's awareness of the plight of homeless animals as well as realizing the benefits of adopting an animal in need. Our animals are examined, vaccinated, spayed or neutered and receive any and all medical treatment before they are placed in carefully screened homes.

PAWS (Pets are Wonderful Support) provides task, financial, and informational assistance to pet owners living with HIV/AIDS to ensure that they are not separated from their animal companions when they need each other the most. 

  • In-home pet care when a client is ill 
  • Dog walking, litter box changing, grooming, feeding   
  • Food, supplies, and medical care for pets 
  • Education through PAWS Safe Pet Guidelines 
  • Transportation to vet and grooming services
  • Health and educational information, including "safe pet" guidelines for pet owners with HIV/AIDS

Free To Be Me Rescue It is our goal to never say no to a pet in need. We rescue local strays through shelters, owner surrenders and from puppy mills. We do this regardless of age and health. We work with a group of great volunteers and foster homes.
We treat them medically, emotionally and through rehabilitation. This may take weeks to months before they are ready for their forever homes. We thoroughly screen all applications and try to match up the perfect home environment for that particular dog or cat. There will be some that unfortunately due to health issues will live out their lives with us. We owe that to them, and we want them to be comfortable and happy no matter how long that may be.

Shih Tzus & Furbabies is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of small purebred and mixed breed dogs. We rescue all small breeds, including shih tzus, lhasa apso, poodles, pomeranians, yorkies, chihuahuas, pekingese, japanese chins, cavalier king charles spaniels, maltese, dachshund, bichon, chinese crested, italian greyhounds, schnauzers, and terriers. We rescue pure, as well as mixed breed dogs of all ages.

We believe that, somewhere, there is a home for every dog, but that we have a responsibility to place our dogs into homes that will best meet their needs, both physically and emotionally. We look for people with patient and loving hearts, and an understanding of the furbaby mind.

We are also committed to educating the public about the importance of ethical, responsible, and humane pet guardianship.

My Rescue Work

I love creating jewelry for the benefit of rescue animals. I am very proud to donate a portion of my profits to non-profit animal rescue groups. My jewelry sales improve the lives of homeless and abused animals through sheltering, adoption, education and advocacy, as well as the prevention of animal cruelty. Always remember when you are wearing my beautiful jewelry you are helping a beautiful creature.


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